Here are just a few examples of the positive feedback we have received from our valued clients.

The security guard greeted me and was warm, welcoming and engaging – he was a credit to your company.

Boutique Manager ~ Seiko UK

I engaged the professional services of U.K. Protection, headed by Andy Fairbanks for my journalistic expedition to South Africa in Jan 2018.

He provided the following services;

Exceptional Detailed Pre-planning – including detailed itinerary run through
Complete 24-7 security for the entire operation – with distinct day and night cover
Post- trip debrief and forward planning for future ops.

In detail; UK Protection provided

  • Selection of in country armed security team and network
  • Reference checking of all team members
  • Security for all accommodation, routes, and interviews

On the road

  • Complete security details, planning and co-ordination, team comms and hourly security briefings
  • Secured venues and locations
  • Day guards / night guards
  • Emergency response drills for all eventualities
  • Equipment, supplies, emergency provisions
  • Back office support and logistics

High level

  • Liaison with Embassy’s, NGOs, political organisations and inter-governmental authorities
  • Communications – across multiple offices, agencies and organisations
  • Emergency Legal, diplomatic and security deployment at airport. This was a tested need.
  • Emergency medical response and decision making. This was a tested need.

Reference and personal comment

U.K. Protection is by far the most capable, equipped, prepared and trained company I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

I would not advise anyone to travel to hostile environments, like South Africa, without their services. The threat in South Africa can’t be underestimated.

During my time with U.K. Protection, emergency medical, legal, diplomatic and security responses were all put to the test, and were handled with extreme professionalism.

On a personal note, my family remains exceptionally grateful to Mr Fairbanks and his team for returning me to the U.K. in one piece. And for the kindness and thoughtfulness of his team during the entire operation.

High Profile UK Journalist

I am writing in regards to the incident of elderly victim fraud that we had in our boutique on 05/04/2018.
Dave ***** from the PRISM team attended the boutique.

Dave approached the situation with the upmost integrity and empathy.
We would have had a very different result without him.
He truly is an asset to the team.

We would like to thank him for his work.

Kind regards

Miss C ~ Boutique Manager