SafetyNet London

In 2015 UK Protection realised due to increased government austerity placed upon the local police services there was a substantial gap increasing in the level of policing services available.

Based on demand we developed our subscription based SafetyNet scheme that operates across the west end of London providing both retail and corporate clients with an emergency response to any ongoing incident they may face such as Shoplifting, Anti-social Behaviour, Suspicious persons and Packages and many more.

We provide a digital radio to the client that is linked to our 24hr control room where clients can call upon the services of the team with a typical response time of less than two minutes to anywhere on Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street and Brompton Road (Knightsbridge).

All of our SafetyNet security responders are either former police officers or military personnel and all have a range of skills immediately available to the client such as medical care, criminal investigation and crisis management.

Once the SafetyNet team arrives they will ensure any situation is dealt with quickly, safely and to the highest professional standard dealing with police, or other emergency services on the client’s behalf.

Benefits of subscribing to the SafetyNet scheme:

• Increased staff protection and safety which increases their confidence alongside productivity
• Reduced security costs should a full time security guard not be applicable
• Vast experience just two minutes away
• Increased crime detection and improved stock loss figures