Luxury Retail Guarding

What is Luxury Retail Guarding?

Luxury Retail Guarding is a manned security service for high-end retail outlets. This manned service is designed to protect staff and deter crime whilst representing the high standards of the client brand at all times. This allows customers to feel welcomed and protected and allows staff to be able to fulfil their roles to the best of their ability without the additional concern of security.


“The security guard was absolutely lovely. There was someone in my way outside the showroom so he let me in and asked me how I was and made a little joke. I instantly felt at ease. I could have been intimidated by the security guard but he actually made me feel very welcomed. It was a great start to what turned out to a brilliant experience overall”

Why choose UK Protection?

UK Protection have been specialist providers of Luxury Retail Guarding for over eight years delivering exemplary guarding and service for our luxury retail clients. All of our security guards are highly experienced in dealing with the public offering a friendly and approachable client experience to make your establishment an inviting, safe place to be.

Based in the West End of central London we also have unique plain clothes security teams operating within our “SafetyNet” subscription scheme. Their role is to identify known suspects and support uniformed staff on a daily basis in the detention of offenders and detection of crime.

Our SafetyNet scheme currently operates in Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street & Knightsbridge.

All of our central London operations are overseen daily by our 24 hour control room which co-ordinates our encrypted digital radio network connecting all of our staff seamlessly.

What areas do you cover?

We offer our Luxury Guarding Service in the following areas;

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Canterbury
  • Cambridge
  • Chelmsford
  • Oxford
  • Exeter
  • Plymouth

How do I know if Luxury Retail Guarding is the correct service for my business?

Security is a key focus for any retail business, however, other guarding providers often struggle to represent a client brand whilst carrying out their duties. Each member of our Luxury Retail Guarding service is specially trained to not only protect your staff and business, but also to be an extension of your brand, offering the best customer experience possible.

If first impressions are a crucial aspect of your brand and its continuing development, then our Luxury Retail Guarding service is for you.

How much does this service cost?

As each client requires a bespoke service tailored to their own business needs, we only provide costs on an individual basis after a consultation.

How do I get started?

If you would like to find out more about our services, simply give us a call on
0203 861 1850 or email to schedule an exploratory meeting designed to determine your individual needs and expectations. We will then provide you with a bespoke executive proposal outlining the service offered and costings.