Man Sentenced to 5 years After UKP Arrest

On 18/02/2016 UKP P.R.I.S.M Team officers were called to a boutique on Old Bond Street to observe a potential fraud attempt. On this occasion there was insufficient evidence to make an arrest and the suspect (Mr Crawley) made his way out of the area.

Later investigations revealed that a fraud had occurred using an intercepted stolen credit card and PIN.
On 14/04/16 Mr Crawley returned to the same boutique and again attempted to purchase a further watch using another stolen card. He was arrested on scene by UKP P.R.I.S.M team officers.

In September 2016 Mr Crawley was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the two frauds.
Andy Fairbanks – Managing Director

“Seeing these arrests makes me extremely proud of our plain clothes teams operating around the west end of London. This yet again highlights why UK Protection are second to none in the select industry of watches and fine jewellery. We invest heavily in ongoing training to ensure that when we make an arrest there is sufficient evidence to ensure a conviction at court.”