Christmas Presence

Here at UK Protection we believe in delivering the very best, and so our office conversations frequently reflect on how we can change our industry, employ the best staff and deliver a superb service for our clients.

As we expand, we are constantly seeking new staff. As Christmas approaches, as a result of the reputation we are gaining we are delighted to be adding more client sites to our already extensive presence in the South East, Midlands, Wales and South West. This festive season, our presence is growing and we want more and more staff present with us to join our superb team of security professionals.

We employ a dedicated recruiter who constantly trawls to identify talent in the industry, approaching them to come and join our team. With all of this activity, we receive a number of CVs every week, either sent to us speculatively or as part of an application process – and oh wow, does the quality vary.

As an example, today we received a CV from an applicant who states they hold the necessary qualifications to be employed in the industry, but in the barely page and half of large font type they tell us nothing about their experience or skills, merely saying they are ‘good at making decisions’ and remain calm under pressure.

A CV is your shop window, your escalator pitch to get us interested and even excited about what you have to offer. Underselling yourself on the CV means it is very unlikely that we will take your application further – you could be the most engaging, qualified and experienced potential member of staff in the stack, but unless we can see that in your CV we will look past you and you won’t get the chance to join us.

So, make yourself attractive to us. First impressions count. Spend time making your CV stand out from the rest, selling yourself powerfully and giving yourself the very best opportunity to meet us in person and gain a job offer. There is a huge amount of CV guidance on-line, and even companies that will for a fee write your CV for you.

Send us a first class CV, and we will be delighted to make contact with you to see whether you match up to our exacting standards.  If you do, then your Christmas present could be a presence with us, joining a team that is committed to quality, where staff are recognised and rewarded for the work that they do in some of the most prestigious settings that our industry looks after.

May we at UK Protection wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and extend to you the very best in 2018.